Flor Amazona Beaded Bracelets


Aruba Pink Bracelet

All woven and glass beaded wristlets are entirely handcrafted by indigenous tribes living in Colombia’s tropical rainforests. Each piece represents over twenty hours of handwork. As a celebration to this native artistry, Aruba Pink is an armlet inspired by the architecture of the Dutch Caribbean island Aruba featuring Dutch gables painted in tropical pastels.

Native Orange Bracelet

 Native Orange is an armlet inspired by the magic of the jungle and its striking blend of colors. By combining traditional bead weaving with 24K gold plated ornaments, these Latin luxe bracelets are captivatingly festive and unique.

Product Description

Luxury Jewelry handmade in Colombia
Handwoven Glass Beaded Bracelet
Fastens with Stainless Steel 18K Gold-Plated Signature Magnetic Clasp
Precolumbian Embellishment
 Gold-Plated Brass 24k
Length : 16cm/6.3in
Width : 5.2cm/2in



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