Leticia Choker


Created by Colombian Designer Ana Sarmiento to spread the magic of Colombia, she seamlessly fuses traditional pre-Columbian gold work with contemporary styles. As such, she has carved herself a fine niche in the crème de la crème of Colombian custom jewelry. Each and every one of her exotic, eclectic creations are handmade by indigenous tribes from the Amazonian rainforest.

Inspired by the Pre-Columbian filigree golden artwork attributed to the Zénu tribes, the Leticia Necklace symbolises the importance of the weaving technic linked to the indigenous everyday life, rituals and the building up of knowledge by their leaders. For them weaving is like recreating the idea of the universe by bringing together knowledge, nature and material. Weaving both makes and represents culture.

The 24k gold plated Leticia necklace represents an ancient history with a contemporary edge. Extravaganza Deluxe!

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