I AM THE ART WORK Denim Jacket by Paula Sarmiento

$180 $360

In the process of application for her artist visa, Paula asks her friend that owns a gallery to make her part of the artist he represents, to which he answers, “where is your art piece?” “ I need you to paint” and Paula answers back, “I am the work of art” and she was stating the truth, explaining to him that she was dedicating herself to sculpt the most important work of art… herself.

Paula believes that everyone should embrace this phrase and I totally agree, this is such a powerful phrase, with such a beautiful meaning, we are all special and unique, valuing your own self transforms in to good energy, something that is vital for true happiness.

Inspired on the art of Tracy Emin, she created the phrase in Neon written from her own handwriting, after exhibiting it for Art Basel in 2015, se decided that the phrase had to continue its course through a timeless piece and what better than a jean jacket with the phrase embroidered in gold. The gold color signifies, the light of transformation.

After a year of working on this project, Paula initiated a non profit foundation, with the aim to guide kids through art, to self discovering and transformation, giving schools of low resources art supplies and materials to be able to start this path, all inspired by Project one from Harvard university.

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